latvianI wanted a pair of mittens for winter this year, mainly I think because I was quite enamoured with the Latvian mittens I saw in the Yarn Harlot’s archives. The colours, the patterns, they were just so beautiful.

Problem was, though, with my new found money-less-ness (my $100 car service turned into something much bigger… *sob*) I was restricted to working completely out of my stash. And unfortunately for me, my stash did NOT include pretty fingering weight yarn in a vast array of colours.

I finally settled (more out of frustration than anything else) on the Peekaboo Mittens pattern (free Ravelry download) and rummaged through my wool bags to come up with two balls of Patons’ Jet wool. It’s a really pretty variegated colour and it has a nice light fuzz to it (is this because it’s 30% alpaca? I’m not sure).


I’ve knitted up the first mitten – and yes, I know there’s a mistake, but it didn’t register till I’d finished, I’ll have to go back and fix it – and CO the second.

P5270003s (1)

It was a very easy knit, it only took me a few hours to knit up the first one, all of which was done while watching Ellen, so there was no real need for concentration, either.


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