Ever since I was a little girl my mother has had certain names for me. She’d look over my squirreling tendencies and call me a ‘pack rat’, she’d see me rescue cardboard boxes and coffee tins from the kitchen and call me a ‘hoarder’, and, best of all, when she’d see me swoop in on something pretty or shiny, she’d call me a ‘bowerbird’.

For those not in the know, a bowerbird is an Australian bird who, in an attempt to attract their mate, collects any number of blue shiny objects to take back and decorate their nest… it was an apt description of me then and now.


Now my bowerbird tendencies surface in many forms, but more than anything else in my crafting. While I do enjoy my crafting in it’s various forms, I find that I haven’t had the motivation of late to pick anything up. This blog is my attempt to remedy that… and I’m hoping to entice some friends of mine to play along with me (hint hint).


  1. ooo v-e-r-y pretty blog...I am all questions! is this a blogspot template, did you design it'd you do that?!!! I love it will add it to my google reader HaHaHa you've created a monster!

  2. I love the template!

    Happy blogoversary!