Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

There's something really special about having friends who know you really well, and while I've always had good friends in my life, this is something I've been really blessed with of late. Sometimes this means someone knowing the exact joke to make me laugh for hours on end. Sometimes it means someone knowing I'm not okay even when I say I am. Sometimes it means sitting in a cafe until getting kicked out at closing, or lounging about at home chatting away. Sometimes, the best times, it means having someone hold you while you cry even if you're not really sure why you're crying, having someone make you feel like you're not alone in the world.

Today it means having people who know how to pick the absolute best Christmas present anyone could ever pick for me ever!

I came home late tonight to find a package tucked behind my screen door. This is always a very welcome sight, but it's rarely a surprising one. I usually know when to be expecting a package, so as soon as I saw it sitting there tonight I starting wracking my brains to think what I had ordered and very quickly came up blank.

I had no idea what it was at all... and then I noticed that the return address said 'Jellywares'. That sounded familiar. But why?

And then it hit me. Renae, Wendy and I had had a brief conversation about monthly yarn clubs about a month ago, but we hadn't really done anything about it. Those sneaky little tricksters! It didn't take much to make them confess and admit that they had arranged this lovely Christmas gift for me.

I can already tell that my favourite part is going to be the unboxing each month. I mean look at this! It's all wrapped up so prettily, with washi tape and stamps and beautiful Christmas cards and crafty goodies!

There was a short, heartstopping moment when I thought they would make me wait until Christmas to open further than this, or at least wait until Saturday when we'd all be together, but thankfully they took pity on me and let me keep going.

And just look at that. Debbie Bliss cotton yarn in beautiful colours, a gorgeous Christmas card, pretty little buttons - what more could you ask for in a surprise package? I'm so very lucky to have such lovely friends who know how to spoil me so!

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