Summer Icicles

Sometimes I engage in craft that is thoroughly weather inappropriate - such as the beanie I just finished. The pattern is called Icicle, happily prompting up images of icy winters, perhaps a little falling snow, all those lovely things - but I've managed to finish it off just in time for the Australian summer to start settling in. Into the draw it goes for next year, I'm afraid.

20140929 Icicle Hat (2)

Pattern: Icicle by Irina Dmitrieva
Materials: madeline tosh dk; 100% merino
Amount: 1 skein in Maple Leaf; Approx. 206m/100g
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm  |  US 6/4.00 mm
Start Date: 6 September 2014
Finish Date: 23 September 2014

I have been hoarding this skein of madeline tosh dk for over a year now. Partly because I just really liked looking at the colourway, but mostly because madeline tosh yarn is my favourite of all yarn (it is just so soft and squishy) and just knowing that I had some on hand was lovely.

I finally caved and cast on however, safe in the knowledge that this knit was going to be all for myself (yes I broke the Christmas knitting roll) and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. madeline tosh yarn AND happy cables? That makes for some nice comforting knitting in my book. Plus, because of it's size, it was wonderfully transportable. It was knit in front of the TV...

AND it was knit happily chugging away up the mountains on the train...

And, I'm sure a few places in between. I know for sure it was knit over coffee in Katoomba, and sat by me while I got all made up for a wedding, so it did the rounds this one. This is, actually, one of my favourite aspects of knitting, the way in which it can absorb all the memories of everything going on around you.

I did manage to sneak in a few wears before today's weather took a decided turn for the season, so I can report that it is wonderfully comfortable!

20140929 Icicle Hat (1)

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