Day 7: We Met - and the World is still intact!

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales


So this is what happened: I met Courtney and blogging fell to the wayside. Can you blame me? Who can stop and take the time to write about your day when there's a tiny ninja sitting next to you? (And, might I mention, she really is very tiny!).

I did (obviously) manage to tear myself away from Byron Bay and headed in to Brisbane... my goodness how I hate city driving. I missed so many turn offs that James was not-so-quietly fuming over my head. "I SAID GO RIGHT!!!"

Before I tell you about my meeting of the infamous Courtney, however, a bit of back story. I met Courtney online about a year ago now – and for those of you not fortunate enough to know her, she’s adorably insane. When I told her about my road trip I very excitedly informed her that I was going to do all the things one sees in road moving, including stopping at a roadside vendor to buy strawberries. A perfectly innocent statement which, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t really have any intentions of doing in the first place – but oh man the reaction I got.

“You can’t do that!” She yelled. “Strawberry vendors are axe murders!”

And so it went for several weeks. Needless to say there was much taunting about my stopping at vendors the whole way up, and I woke every morning to another txt’d reason as to why I couldn’t buy strawberries* that day. Anyways! I tell you all this so as to explain why, before I headed to her place, I simply had to make a stop in at the nearest grocers to purchase a punnet of strawberries.

So, strawberries in hand, I parked the van and made my way up to her house. In through the front gate – no Courtney waiting for me. I’ll confess, I was a little disappointed. Started walking down the drive – no Courtney waiting at the door. I may have pouted a little.

Then the nerf pellets hit the side of my head.

Courtney, charming person that she is – aided and abetted by Lisa on the phone – had hidden behind her mother’s car and was ambushing me with her nerf gun as I approached. I should have known better. I should have expected it. But she shocked me all the same.

Courtney and Becca


Needless to say that pretty much set the tone for the entirety of my stay with Courtney. I’d tell you all we got up to, but quite frankly everyone reading this blog falls into one of two categories: those who know exactly what we were up to because they were egging us on via twitter, or those who don’t need to know just how insane I am. I will say, however, that the evening consisted mainly of nerf pellets, fake pirate moustaches, and me hacking into her twitter account (fun). I’m pretty sure the photos speak for themselves.


Oh, and Lisa? We had much fun sticking that nerf pellet to your skype face before you realised we were up to something. Mwuahahahaha.

Lisa nerf 

Kilometres travelled: 89 (1, 341)
Bridges crossed: 26 (148)
Number of times hitting head on campervan: 2 (11)
Number of road workers whom returned my wave: 3 (12)
Number of times James completely freaked out because he thought we were bush bashing: 1 (4)

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