Camera filters

A while ago Photojojo advertised a set of colour camera filters which I just had to have… simply because I thought they were adorable and came on a little ring and well, I had images of rainbow photos.

Buy the Color Lens and Flash Filters at the Photojojo Store!


They took a while to send and so Photojojo included a little surprise in my package – one that basically ensured they’d have my business and recommendation from here on out…

Free Dinosaur (2)

That’s right… a dinosaur. I pretty much danced around the house with my new dinosaur when I discovered it.

Did I mention I’m a dork?

Anyway! I was very excited to get the filters and broke them out to use right away.

Beth - Green Beth - Yellow Beth - Orange

I had fun, my crazy model had fun… and I haven’t touched them since.

If anyone can tell me what I can use them for I’d be greatly appreciative.

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