Fairy Accoutrements

I had a special party to go to this week. One of my favourite little girls turned three!


Renae’s daughter, Kaitlyn, had a fairy party – about which I was probably more excited than anyone my age had any right to be. Either way, I believe you can’t go to a fairy party without your wings, and so I had a lot of fun getting mine ready.

I started with a pile of goodies from Spotlight…

20091106 (20)

And ended up with this:

20091109 (3)

I did enjoy making my wand, though trying to match the paint to the cornflowers was harder than I had anticipated.

20091109 (14)

I did the detail with cling stamp and black paint – which seemed like a good idea until I had to clean the stamp.

20091109 (10)

Long necklace, to be doubled over – made with agate-looking stone and blue seed beads.

20091109 (25)

But my favourite part? The wings! I loved how they turned out, even if I couldn’t quite get them to sit straight on.

White and pink child’s tights stretched over some wire and detailed with purple, silver, and glitter paint – they really shine!

20091109 (22)


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  1. ooo pretty wings and fairy stuff, tinkerbell would be proud!