Learn How to Cube

I like having a craft problem to sort out … but me being me, I usually end up making something far more complicated than it need be.

While on prac, Bethany’s focus child had some difficulty doing up buttons, and so she asked me if I could sew some buttons on some fabric for her so the little girl could practice doing them up.

This is what I ended up with – something Bethany named a ‘Learn How To’ Cube. It has all the things you might need in getting yourself dressed – buttons, zipper, velcro, laces, and a buckle.

It was definitely a fun project, and a big hit with the little girl.


P6161184  P6161176 P6161178




  1. Becca this is gorgeous! I hope Bethany got extra credit for all your hard work :)

  2. I've started my craft blog http://wecreates.blogspot.com/- don't get too excited there's not much there and what is there took me all day to do. before i can add anything new to it I'm off to revamp the bookfreaks blog ...you are in really big trouble at my place, more burnt offerings due to my blogging obsession (which is totally your falut :p) but to be fair Mike did install ACDsee on my computer today too - ooo soooooo much creative potential!