Favourite Ipad Apps

Melissa of OneCraftyMumma is currently working towards getting herself an Apple iPad – a saga which I am very much enjoying, I might add. She just asked me for my favourite to-die-for ipad apps, and instead of flooding her twitter, I thought it would be easy just to do a quick list.


E-book reader. It has a nice clean interface and is very intuitive. Plus, for the person like me who likes a nice surprise now and then, the more you read the more badges you unlock. It is connected to the kobo e-book store through which you can also download free books, which is handy. You can transfer files (of various extensions) from your computer to kobo just as you would to iBooks (personally, I prefer kobo to iBooks).


Though you can download your files to apps such as iBooks or kobo above, I prefer to keep my documents separate to my ebooks. GoodReader is fairly easy to transfer to, either via itunes or email.


Something I use when I pretend I’m more organised when I am. An all-in-one bookmark, note taking, app to complement the web application. I like it because it lets me bookmark various web pages into separate notebooks to work on for individual projects, and then access them later on my ipad.



iPad app for web-based DropBox. I frequently take my iPad to work instead of my laptop and so make heavy use of DropBox.


Knowtilus Pro
Web-browsing app that allows you to have two web sites + a note facility open at the same time and switch between them. I use this a fair bit when doing research. It also has voice reading and sketch facilities but I’ve never used them.


My word processor of choice – it’s my most expensive app, but I rather like it. It’s the closest to Microsoft Word and allows me to export the file in various formats.


I’m always forgetting when TV shows that I want to watch are on, so I use this for my TV guide. It automatically adds programs and reminders to my Google calendar (which I love love love).

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